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Multiplier Events

Poznań, Poland

We are organising the last International Conference of the project in Poznań (after one in Portugal and another one in Spain)!  During the event, we will share all the intellectual outputs developed by our team: the gamification guide, the MOOC course on employment and entrepreneurship, and the escape box game. We will also visit a social enterprise “Niewidzialna ulica”, where we will have a chance to look at the world from the perspective of a blind person while learning about employability. Join us on Saturday and let’s learn together!

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Source – Egor Komarov (Pexels)

Barcelona, Spain

This event was the second International Conference of the Project to which all the project’s stakeholders are invited to attend. This multiplier event had the major aim of sharing all the intellectual outputs developed (IO1, IO2 and IO3) and their first results as well as to know about the Learning, Teaching and Training activity from the eyes of the participants with all the community surrounding the project.

As we aim to maintain the results and activities after the lifespan of the project funding, this event had an important role by guaranteeing that the users of the developed outcomes can see them in action and at their full extent.

Aquest esdeveniment és l’última Conferència Internacional del Projecte (després d’una a Portugal i una altra a Polònia) a la qual estan convidats a assistir tots els grups d’interès del projecte. Aquest esdeveniment multiplicador tindrà com a objectiu principal compartir totes les produccions intel·lectuals desenvolupades (IO1, IO2 i IO3) i els seus primers resultats així com conèixer l’activitat d’Aprenentatge, Ensenyament i Formació des dels ulls dels i les participants amb tota la comunitat que envolta el projecte.

Com que pretenem mantenir els resultats i les activitats després de la vida útil del finançament del projecte, s’espera que aquest esdeveniment tingui un paper important en garantir que els usuaris dels resultats desenvolupats els puguin veure en acció i en tota la seva extensió.

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Lisbon, Portugal

This event was the first International Conference of the Project to which all the project’s stakeholders were invited to attend. This multiplier event had the major aim of sharing the first two intellectual output developed (IO1 and IO2) and its first results. Although IO3 was not finish at them time of the event it was also shown a draft of it were it was discussed with the stakeholders.

More than 100 (national and international) participants attended the event, surpassing all expectations.

Este evento foi a primeira Conferência Internacional do Projecto para a qual todos os stakeholders do projecto foram convidados a participar. Este evento multiplicador teve o objectivo principal de partilhar os dois primeiros resultados intelectuais desenvolvidos (IO1 e IO2) e os seus primeiros resultados. Embora o IO3 não estivesse concluído na altura do evento, foi também mostrado um draft do mesmo, tendo sido discutido com os participantes no evento.

Mais de 100 participantes (nacionais e internacionais) atenderam ao evento, ultrapassando todas as expectativas.

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Barcelona, Spain

Hosted by Centre d’Estudis Politècnics (from Spain), this meeting served to evaluate all the outputs of the project (especially the educational course and the Escape Box, as well as the general development of the project). It also launched the in-presence moment of the LTT with young people learners, having also a purpose to reflect on the limitations, improvement proposals and to think about further projects, knowledge transference and dissemination. It was also used to finalise the preparations for the Multiplier Events (occurring one in Poland and another in Spain after the meeting) and to make a draft of the Final Report for the National Agency.

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Hosted by LOGOS (from Poland) on 10 and 11 of June 2021. This was a monitoring meeting that served to present the first results of the first intellectual output, to evaluate them and to validate it. This meeting, also served to design the course to better prepare the young people to the labour market (IO2)

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The project was expected to hold four Transnational Meetings (two in Spain and one in each other country of the
Partnership, Poland and Portugal) although it ended to have two Transnational Meetings, one in Poland (at LOGOS
) and one in Spain (at C.E. Politècnics headquarters)
Also, due to COVID-19 constrains, the Transnational Meeting to occur in Poland happened in Berlin, on 10 and 11
of June 2021.

There will be two participants from each partner, and in each meeting, there will be a brief contextualisation of
costs and expenses for management purposes

The kickoff meeting was done online (as well as other follow up online meetings were done monthly) with the aim
of personally present all the organisation members, associated members and collaborators involved in the project,
introduce the participant organisations to all the partnership and agree the specific schedule of each output
production. C.E. Politècnics, also presented a more concrete idea for the first output.