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Students Reunion

About the project

“The Game gives you a Purpose. The Real Game is, to Find a Purpose”

Target Groups

Two main groups will be involved across the preparation, development, implementation and evaluation of the project.

Firstly, the young people with different background disadvantages such as low income, high level of school dropout, geographical problems, digital illiteracy, including the NEET population.

Secondly, youth workers, trainers and educators that work daily with the mentioned population.

It is expected to involve directly 30 participants on the project activities and over 200 indirect participants.

Jonathan Martinez

Polit├Ęcnics – Steering Committee Member

Paulo Duarte

ISTEC – Steering Committee Member

Marko Boyko

Logos NGO – Steering Committee Member

Pedro Brandão

Team Member

Aritz Castro

Team Member

Andreia Vieira

Team Member

Rafa Ferrandis

Team Member

Karolina Kierenkiewicz

Team Member

Diogo Algarvio

Team Member

Fran Arrébola


Wiktoria Moritz

Team Member

Antonio Domingo