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The Escape to Your Future project will have various expected results from different types of activities (e.g.
intellectual outputs, learning/teaching/training). The project results are expected to enclose a set of specific
recognising and consciously raising the potential among the multiple participants and target groups (e.g.
youth workers and young people), as well as other stakeholders (e.g. HEI, schools, organisations, enterprises,
researchers and civil society) who seek longer-term skills and knowledge development as well as more conscious
and active citizens.

As said, the core expected results will be direct consequences of the intellectual outputs and the LTT activity but
also from minor transversal activities. As well, the majority of the results will be tangible (such as the deliverables
from the IOs), but others will be intangible (the improvements not physically seen but that are an important sum of
benefits and achievements that must not be forgotten, such as skills, knowledge and behaviours).

Therefore, during the project lifespan we will share good practices among partners based on our expertise and our
findings during the activities in order to innovate and to impact the target groups and stakeholders
. That innovation
and innovative elements already presented will encompass the development of resources and activities designed
for and with the youth workers and young people target groups
. By having a transversal and complementary
partnership, as well as the input of the participants and stakeholders, we aim to achieve
better results that can have a higher level of transferability (leading to a better exploitation and sustainability of our
project and project results).

Tangible Results

In terms of tangible results (deliverables) the project will have:

Intellectual Output – Gamified guidelines

Guidelines on “How to Take Advantage of Gamification in Teaching and Learning Activities”: this application will consist
in a combination of innovative modules.

Intellectual Output 1


Graphic OrganisersENPT PLES

Intellectual Output – Course

A course on “Employment and Entrepreneurship”: this course will be highly linked with all IOs and with the LTTs as well. It will consist in various educational contents addressing not only specific skills related to employability and entrepreneurship, but also transversal and soft skills highly demanded by the 21st century labour market, this course will make use of the gamification strategies developed during the project. IO2

Intellectual Output – Escape Box

An innovative Escape Box: an escape box is a Portable Toolkit to support youth workers in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences, in order to use this educational methodology to foster active citizenship in youth. This Escape Box will have a mix of physical and digital riddles and puzzles, increasing the motivation of the participants and developing other ICT related skills as well. – IO3



A “How to Create Your Own Escape Box” tutorial, inside the previous Intellectual Output (Escape Box) we’ll not only develop a real escape box but also a guide on how to create your own escape boxes increasing the transferability of the IO and the project itself.

Meeting Reports

Meeting reports in each transnational meeting.

Research studies, surveys and articles

Various research studies, surveys and articles to show the academia and the stakeholders the potential of these

In terms of intangible results (sum of benefits and achievements) the project expects to have:

Greater knowledge

Greater knowledge on the context of young people motivation strategies in different countries/regions in Europe.

Better understanding

Better understanding on the needs of youth workers and what motivates them towards learning (using non-formal

Competences and perspectives

New competences and perspectives for youth workers, educators and researchers.

Higher skills

Higher training skills (pedagogical, methodological, professional and technological) of the youth workers and
young people, especially in Entrepreneurship, Employment, ICT and soft skills.

Increasing the awareness

Increasing the awareness of the social exclusion related to early school leaving in society and among policy

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